The Tragedy of the Lady of Second Row

Sorry to break it to you but 

Conquering a fear is not slaying a dragon.

There is no high nobility, no blood-earned praise.

Where is the clanking sound of a sheathing blade?

Where is the victory feast and the crown and braid?

Go home and sulk,

no one knows, no one sees, no one cares. 


Nobody values the glory in abstract conquest

because, honestly, I don't either,

it's uninteresting. 


Lady of Second row, please fufill your duty:

State your name, your age, and your favorite color. 

(The danger and risk here is unprecedented.)


Here goes! 

no stumble, a little falter, 

Throat is dry, all is clear--- But wait! Vocal fry!

Slash the air! Lord by my side!

O Jesus, Mary and Joseph! Begone Goliath of 2nd period!



The epic was short and so was the reign 

for the young Lady of second row was unfortunately slain.

slit at the throat when she spoke out her name. 

But not one knew, not one saw, not one cared. 


This poem is about: 



I can respect this. Thank You.

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