Trade Down

Can you not see that we don't want to be here?

There are groans and snores, can you not hear?

I don't understand this.

Ask one of your peers for assistance.

Is your reply.

Can't you see they don't understand either?

This is your job don't

Sit there

Degrade us

Yell when we don't understand,

Tell us we are nothing and

there is no hope for our dreams.

The anxiety, the stress.

It settles along my spine,

my shoulders.

I'm an empty pen,

you've consumed my time,

wasted my creativity,

and made me cry.

I came hopeful and ready to learn

the arts have died

no more Crayola crayons

and nap times.

We traded that for

Algebra, geometry,

N+O=NO, gerunds, appositives,


It's all tangling together

and no time to untangle.

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