Toys From God

My entire life, being in the ocean has been habitually done.

You'll find me visiting there during the rise and fall of the sun.

If this was a crime, I wouldn't run.

Rather, I'd swim further away as for the aquatic realm of the world

is where I feel the safest.

Whatever the weather, I want to experience the motions upon the surface.

Rain or shine, this is a place that I can call home and be at peace with all

beings of land, water and sky.

A natural high...

Something that will make you feel more alive than you've ever been.

Striking lightning into your bones, you'll forever want to do it again.

Waves and everything beneath them are nature's heroine that has the power to heal.

The ocean provides creatures of land with play, drink and a meal.

Masses of water that make their way to shore.

Enjoy them with or without a board.

They are the toys from God.


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