Toxicity of me


United Kingdom
53° 43' 8.5008" N, 2° 4' 22.0224" W

Hurt within,

Never spoke,

Didn't tell me,

What it desired,


Tiredness and pain,

Growing up with this,

Never realising,

Life isn't just like this. 


Dsyfuncitional was the word,

Came to learn,

This was our household,

Our Curse.



Through life,

Heavy burden,

Became my pedigree.




My armour,

What else could I ever be?


Attracting beautiful women,

My calling, entranced by their angelic bodies, 

Only to find I'd met an equal,

Someone truly messed up as me. 


Volatility that followed,


High and lows

Part of me.


My life was becoming,

Take me,


Horrendous journey.


Will I ever meet,

Someone normal,

Who will love, 

Care for me?


To think,

Had to repair oneself,

Complete mystery. 

Always someone else's fault.


Digging deeper,


Witnessed the dark mess,

My fibres, was 'my identity'.  


Untangling all this pain,

Certainly take an eternity,

How would I,

Ever become 'free'?


Will I ever feel the sun rise,

Within my soul,.

Something that feels,

A mystery. 


Prey and hope,


Thinking about,

Nearly broken me.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
Guide that inspired this poem: 



Agree. Genuine Deep Down Pain Pleasure Thoughts Real feelings put into words done so ...................(staring)........(stuck)....
...(in awe).......(wanting to comment the right thing so bad)...o.. SONshine i believe this is being Free...

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