A Town of Constraint

A snow globe town; a confined little bubble                                    

A hint of a rumor–the whole town quivers

It begins as a hush, then becomes less subtle

A vicinity of condemning whispers


A card house town; a precarious structure

One wrong motion and the system topples

Don't disturb the image–the perfect picture

Don't go astray from what has been modeled


A jigsaw town; a construction of consent

Acquiesce for the sake of the cause

Questioning one's place results in dissent

Defy and the puzzle will be flawed


A bird cage town; a hinderance of flight

They fear you'll fly away and sing

That you will slip away like a thief in the night

So they kill your hopes and clip your wings


A fishhook town; a desirable deception

It is tempting to take the bait

To believe heinous words stem from good intentions

As they attempt to determine your fate


A warzone town; a lethal gamble

Take the plunge–no guts, no glory

Take the life they've built you and leave it in shambles

It is time to write your own story


Only few will execute their act of mutiny

The few who dared to be outspoken

Despite constant strife and endless scrutiny

They are bruised, but they are not broken.


I am bruised, but I am not broken.



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