Tosian and Nialli's Parting


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"You are like a cloud I spy peripherally,
But vanish as I set mine eye upon it.
but vanish as I cast my gaze upon it.

My love for you is faithful - pure loyalty,
Yet you stand obscure at my right shoulder.
Yet you stand unseen at my blind shoulder.

Come round to me and seal, I pray,
My heart afore it rusts away
As to endless fields turned amethyst
You'd leave my love - in vain - to quest.

My tears would weep among the grain
As, in your wake, my soul is slain
Til countless years might grant them free
Til fin'lly pour them to the sea."

But Tosian, in malice, heedeth her not
And turned his heart cold without thought.
And hardened his heart without thought.

He severed her spirit as he quoth "Leave me be".
A swift grave her dug for his true Nialli.
A cruel fate he chose for his true Nialli.

With his tongue, broke her speaking "Keep distance from me"
And stood by watching Death as he granted her wings.
And stood by in the shadow as he graced her with wings.

"Tosian" - the title the Autumn leaves lisp
To enchanted lovers whose future is this.
"Tosian, Tosian" - the title that be
to his cruelship who shattered his dear Nialli.


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