Thu, 06/13/2013 - 00:52 -- lolly19

(poems go here) I once had a tortured soul.
Head down, beating on the pavement
Not lonely just empty
The sight and lust for blood was hidden, forbidden
*You were there beside me.
Situations had me crying
I preferred to take a line than to be human
Being human was something I had read in a book once
A desired feature
*You couldn’t figure it out either.
I kept running
I ran until I hit the finish-puked-
Repeated the unnecessary act again.
Somehow no one could stop me
*Together we were invincible.
Killing. Raping. Fucking.
Family keeping secrets, never genuine
Always uncomfortable
Get me out of this “home”
*You were trying to escape with me.
I followed the path to happiness with my mind to a door
The door to a needle
The needle to a lip
The lips came closer together
*All along knowing that we shared a tortured soul.

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Wow very intriguing and it kept my attention good poem

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