Torn Sole


United States
34° 3' 28.3716" N, 118° 18' 34.794" W

I watched you go running today
I watched as you looked and looked
Throwing things here and there
Searching for a companion
You threw me a glance and sighed
I hoped
It flowed through my laces down to my soles
but you quickly dismissed me and left me on the floor

I know why you don't take me out anymore
I know why you don't think twice about me

Its because you bought him

He is so much more colorful
and I am just generic
He has more body
and I am worn out
He is attention grabbing
and I get bypassed

But I know that he doesn't love you like I do

Where we plowed through mud
he makes you stick to concrete
Where we ran through rain
he only goes out on sunny days
Where we broke records by minutes
he only gives you a couple seconds

Sometimes I think,
on those days when the sun never greets me
that our bond broke, the day I let you get injured

I'm sorry, you know

I think of leaving on those days
So I no longer have to see you with him
But I will wait here for you

Till there are holes in my soles
and tears in my laces
Because on the days he leaves you, sore and exhausted
You always reach out for me
For comfort
And that gives me hope


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