A Torn Heart

A young girl is going through tough times in her life

Sometimes things so tough she's not sure what will happen next

Everyone is leaving her and she sometimes feels alone

Friends have left her in her times of trouble

No one knows the truth behind her smile

She wants to stand in the hide her tears and hopes that no one will hear

Hear her screaming form the inside out

No one can see the pain she is in

She sometimes feels like the pain has eaten her from the inside out

Starting from her stomach working its way to her heart tearing it to pieces bit by bit

People expect her to be just like them

No one knows her family's struggles

She never shows her hurt and pain, she always blocks it form the world by always

smiling, smiling, smiling

She has been through so much in her life

sometimes crying herslf to sleep

She wants to stand in an open field and scream at the top of her lungs

Still she is robust in who she is.



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