on top of the world

Sun, 09/28/2014 - 00:38 -- Bravo

I'm on top of the world he said
in the next breath,
he proclaimed, That we all fall.
Its kind of funny how we're all taught,
how we all bought into the lies that we all sought.
Its like we were all caught, in a web of deceit
blinded by the darkness in that sweltering heat.
No lamp to the feet, as we stumbled around
no light to our paths as we looked toward the ground. The sound, of the truth that we heard,
was absurd ,
instead preferred was the goals deferred,
we lacked sense, notice that I'm writing in the past tense. No one understood our choices
as if our actions were a foreign accent
we lacked passion for the important things in life
We could not ration good sense
for our thoughts weren't right
although wisdom shines bright
our eyes were weary
and when they were pried open our eyes got teary
and filled with furry
as to say how dare they
how dare they show us how we behave
how dare they point out the things that we say
how dare they attempt to provide a better way
what if we like the darkness?
What if we like our cave?
what if we don't like green pastures?
what if we like the grave?
how foolish of us now we know God's grace
now we know God's voice
now we know God's face.
Now we've been forgiven.. given a second chance,
Jesus died for our sins and still pleads in our defense when we accept him as Lord and savior
only then we can get cleansed
our spirits get washed and our souls get rinsed
our cups run over and our thirst is quenched
we die but are revived new creatures
we are witnesses of the gospel we spread the good news whether it be to saved, unsaved Muslims or Jews although some may refuse... the truth still stands hallelujah to you oh Lord we lift our hands.


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