Too Easy

If that tumor were a bullet I would’ve taken it for him.

If that tumor weren’t a part of him I’d wipe it away, throw it away, put a stamp on it And send it away.

But that would be too easy.


Cancer isn’t easy.


We hear the word and some fall to their knees,

Tears falling from their cheeks.

Gritting their teeth and pleading

For something else, someone else…


Cancer kicks us when we’re down.


But instead He puts on a crown.

She puts on a crown.

Mom, Dad, Grandma, Friend, Sister, Brother, Cousin.

We lead the way on proud feet.

We dare not take a seat.


Don’t take a seat.


Because Cancer kicks us when we’re




If Cancer were a race I’d run it for him,

Win it for him.

But there’s no shortage of races.

Cancer forces us to sprint.

There’s no other option but





The never-ending ladder taking us somewhere else,

To get us up when Cancer trips us

When Cancer flips us upside




Pounding feet growing louder

In the background but coming forward.


Come forward.


If Cancer were a newspaper I’d rip it apart.

If Cancer were a sword I’d melt it down.

If Cancer were a million other things,

That would be too easy.


Cancer isn’t easy.


Cancer is a lion stalking his prey,

Cancer is a man running away.

Ups and downs, running around,

Two steps forward, one step back.

Slow going progress, patience I lack,

Patience is trapped

Between love for the patient and hate for the hurried

Haste has us worried,

Vision gets blurried,

No one really gets buried


Except Cancer.


If Cancer were a death sentence we wouldn’t be here.

If Cancer were an army

Of super soldiers

It wouldn’t be enough.

If Cancer were undefeated, a battle already won,

That would be too easy.


And we aren’t easy to break. 

This poem is about: 
My family


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