Too Easy


Given up is just too easy 

Call me a stalker for wanting my dreams 

those dreams into Reality

knowing that I fought for something to exist I can stand proud beside hold it close to me calling it my own having copyrights if needed


the give up is too easy

the give in is too easy

the Given Above and beyond is frowned upon no one acknowledges hard work at its best SSG(Drill) say it's Too Easy

why isn't it easy for love to exist or too easy for it to last too easy for forgiveness too easy for kindness

too easy for me to be me and live a fulfilling lifestyle that's sustains the roughest times

all those things are too easily Given Up on INSTEAD of Giving the critics ABOVE & BEYOND eXpectations.

Now that's what puts the fight in Flight the great in greatness and the up in the Uplifting people search for but what I expect.


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