Too Bright

Blank smile

Bright eyes

Tell me one of your white lies


In the bathroom where time flies

Looking in the mirror like youre trying to see

The moment where it starts to slip

You start to trip

Where is she?

Somewhere far away

She doesnt make sense

Thoughts she can’t find

Saying whatever comes to mind

Shes here

Shes not

She doesnt fit

She laughs

She’ll be back in a bit

Until then

Her eyes are bright

Her lies are white

Saving me


She keeps the little plastic bag in her bra

She keeps her head in a constant state of fog

Music lights eyes too bright

Are they concerned?

She’s not tonight

Anxiety from piety sheds its skin

Whats within

Is something she wont      recognize

With her vapid stare

And her too bright eyes

And the too many shoes on the walls in white lines

And the too many thoughts she’ll forget whats mine


“Are you okay?”

“Are you home safe?”

They worry worry

White lies try to save me

Run away in a hurry

Cinderella at the ball

Daring me to fall

Is it noticeable?

Its noticeable isnt it

Oh God

Its bad

No no

Beautiful but strangely bright


Really bright

Too bright


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