Too Beautiful to Hate

Morning and I don’t get along

She makes my muscles weak and my eyelids heavy

I could live without her.


But I’ll tolerate her for scrambled eggs and bacon

For the wails of mourning doves

For the blue shadow of pre-dawn


I’ll let her hold my hand for pink sunrises over gravestones

For hot coffee on an empty bus

For quiet hallways and echoing locker doors


I’ll even let her kiss me if it means I’ll see dew forming

See the sun reflecting orange off glass buildings

See the silhouettes of birds on a gradient sky.


Morning and I fight all the time

But I can’t escape her

There’s no procedure for divorcing a time of day.


Some days she greets me cruelly

With rain on the windshield

And clouds blocking out the sun


But I’d never leave her

Even if I could


Because I love the feeling of being awake

Love the softness of the sky

Love to see the last lingering stars fade out.


I let morning drain me because the tint of sunrise is recharging

Because the smell of cool air is rewarding

Because she’s too beautiful to hate.


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