Too Awesome

I'm too awesome.
You already know.
I keep my wrist frosty,
Like a snow globe.
In Jesus name.
So, I'm not sinning.
I'm a good girl.
So, I keep on winning.
And if I keep on winning, I'll keep on climbing to the top.
Once I'm at the top, you won't knock me off.
But if you knock me off, you won't even hear me drop.
But if you hear me drop, you know the bass will be low.
Cuz I keep hailing money.
Girl, get a raincoat.
I don't do cool.
I don't do swag.
I do awesome.
Awesome and rad.
I moonwalk in my converse.
In my pocket a few dollars.
Black hat, black shirt,
Even black trousers.
So, you can call me Matr!x.
I represent intellect and logic.
I got skill, like a doctor.
Greetings and salutations.
Live long and prosper.


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