I lie awake, I cannot sleep,

My racing heart is skipping beats,

I heard something I’ve never heard before.


My minds a wreck, my thoughts they swirl,

I can’t stop thinking of a girl,

And all the things about her I adore.


Her lips so soft and delicate,

I fear I’ll bruise her skin.

Her eyes so deep and elegant,

I fear I may fall in.


My breath is short,

My hands pour sweat,

My swirling mind remains a wreck,

I’m wide awake not knowing what to do.


Because of lips so soft, and voice so sweet,

Of hands so warm, and eyes so deep.

Because of words that left me with no clue.


The reason that I cannot sleep,

The reason that my heart skips beats,

The reason is because,

 I love you too…

~Christian Gentry


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