Tongue Twisted Magic

It slowly starts slithering its way through the land of corn

creating a momentum of fire as it rises, stretching its wings word for word

It becomes difficult for the mouth to catch up to the rhythm of my tongue

soft touch of lips

belligerent enough to roll the r's

savoring each word when given life

People of the rain

baja, alta, de la costa

As I breath in the language, a deep connection with my rooots arises

blood flows with passion

heart thuds to the beat of thunder

every peice of tierra is sacred, painted with human blood, sweat, and love

El espiritu within screams warrior

it is for us to repaint

Driving us out but we rooted ourselves in the soil

rooted in the heart trusting realities of life-la vida

Earth people plant our feet into the tierra madre

growing thorns out of rocks

no storm can uproot a rose planted with love

Kuu--to be or Kuu--to die

My mind whirls

feel the powers of the earth coming up through  your naked soles

La lengua con el fuerte nasal

oral tradition is losing its flavor

nuevo sentimiento-- anu

Never crossing my ancestors mind

tongue twisted magic sending me back in time

Power given by the sun radiates beauty

like language in a book the author gave it life

as it slowly comes to an end there are those who continue to seek

india de corazon

continue to share and learn

Kaan ni-- speak

This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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