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I have oh-so very many words to say
They build up and swell in my noggin all day.
They churn and tumble about in my head
And pester me long after I've gone to bed.
There are short words,
And l o n g words,
And non-words abound,
They keep me on edge,
Circle round and around.
I cannot escape their energetic presence,
As a matter of fact, they can be quite a menace!
For although I've got plenty of words to say,
The means to their saying escapes me each day.
As my mouth remains shut, they cry their displeasure,
But my tongue stays tied
With firmness of equal (or greater!) measure.
Oh, what I’d say, if I had only the courage,
But thanks to my shyness,
Those words stay in storage.
Someday, perhaps, they’ll finally burst free
Their power and strength having grown beyond me.
I can only hope, if that day should arise,
That my words will be kind,
And wise.


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

write honestly and freely
it will come naturally-keep building off your ideas
nice poem

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