Tones from A Loving Heart

You who spoke to the wind
And it called my name
You whose echoes pierce the air
And your footsteps quake the earth;
Have you forgotten you're a Goddess
The one whose love is sui generis?
Have you forgotten you're my Queen
The one whose voice revivifies me?

I am here, Your Majesty,
The jewelries you wear are premium
Your physical beauty is charming
I am bewitched by your elegance;
Oh, your heart is pure and kind;
Your innocence rivets me.

The thunder rumbles in reverence
Tall trees fall when you walk
You instill awe in me
When I look at your magnificence.

Your grace is perceptible;
You draw attention to yourself,
But it is not you, rather your grace
Which is the moon that illuminates the night;
You're the light in my darkness.

The Priestess of Agbala shall bear witness
To your dignity and glory
Your power and majesty.

You speak and the lions roar
You speak and the thunder rumbles
You speak and the wind blows
You speak and my heart grows fonder.

I'm in love with a Goddess
Whose existence is rooted in mystery
I'm in love with a Goddess
Whose heart is mine to protect.

She's my Queen and Goddess
She's my love, my everything.


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