Tonal Balance

What I Can't Live Without

Organized waves—collected out of phase
    chords    discord
    melody    noise
    beauty    ugly
    good        evil
        all emotions
Change of state; moving, breathing, beating, being—
    where there was none before
Feel the vibrations on air
Interference and compression
    hold me up
    Invisible waves pulsing
Shaking out my cobwebs,
Getting me moving,
Washing over my mind:
An aural baptism,
Taking me to a place based
    not in reality
But in the curved air of a molted brain
Under the floor; sound
   —soaking all around

Beyond all other art forms.
Existing as any matter;
All mass communal, carrying the waves
    in brotherhood
Swimming, turning circles through my
Cutting through emptiness,
    (the Great Static Divide)
Connection in pink
Energy as a tether, pulls my strings:
    I'm on stage
Compelled to keep looking.
For what? Why? Many
    thank you?
No clue, don't care.
    The scene:
A spotlight on ancient wood…
hissing silent darkness—
    divide, removed
    no sunlight, disconnect
Then with warm swarm of atmosphere…
A bridge can be forged;
    Why squander this now?
Seize the opportunity:

Vibrations and oscillation
    A million ways
to reach out
Want fear? "Check"
Want joy? "Check"
Want love? "check" hate? "double check"
Like no other art form; better for all
It's all out there, waiting…
    hidden in folds of nitrogen—
    bonds in wood and metal, seeking resonance
    Strike and set free!
Swirling electrons, beating down a gate
    unleashing on singing ceramic
Music from machines?
    why not?
Use the tools!
Build a connection:
    particles seeking refuge in brain—
escape as
    particles in air.
Plain and naked.
Express yourself!
Moments of sincerity;
Mistakes made purposeful,
Like no other

I could continue writing endlessly in love with…
Music: melodies, tempo,
    chords, rhythm,

    synthesized to answer:
    the unceasing "?"

Waves vibrate
Resonate the strings of
Forming chords, sometimes
Always real—a melody can create
    something indescribable (with words)
(Other art forms)
And beautiful

Tonal balance
Something in the way certain pure sounds
Interact—creating:     beauty
E    v    e    r    y    t    h    i    n    g!
    in vibrating metal and wood.


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My community
Our world
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