When I was being raised

I had teachers that I loved 

ones that helped me figure out who I am 

and made it someone I could be proud of 


I did not think about things deeply.

I saw things only with my eyes.

While I use to analyze life briefly 

I then could sort through all the lies.  


Our teachers are not treated as professionals 

They are being squashed into a mold. 

Being forced to see learning as merely conventional 

Is making each generation less bold.


Public Education today is infected, 

because teachers are being told to drill.

Since that is what has become expected, 

our creativity is falling ill. 


We should open our hearts to those that built us, 

open our minds and let it take in many a new thought, 

open our eyes to things that may seem frivolous, 

and shut out those that tell us we can not.  


We should treat our teachers as they deserve,

and we must take the education that they let us borrow. 

Rather than see them as simple drones meant only to serve,

we must  acknowledge them as the writers of tomorrow.


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