Together without Reality

Lets fly away to a paradise of peace. Lets go there and escape our reality. Forget about those who hate to see us together. We are in love. We are one. You are my other half. The stronger one. Lets go somewhere full of sunshine. Lets go somewhere we can call home. Lets run away together and get married. Baby we should spread our wings and fly away to a tropical paradise. Where there are no such things as tears or heatbreaks. Lets go. Right here. Right now. Baby I want us to go now. Forget about living a lfe where you work til you die. Forget about the people who bring us down. We will never be apart. Lets float to a gentle island. Where we can finally be alone. Lets get out of the city where the noise is so loud. Lets go to sleep to the sound of the ocean. Lets move with the wind in a gentle motion. Baby lets be together here and now. Lets never have to wake up to sadness and frowns. Never let me go my sweet. I want you now and forever. Only in my dreams.


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