Today's Song

Today I am tired

Of being everything.

Friend, sister, lover, student, teacher

Stretches a little to thin

But I'll never complain

I'll even off you a smile

Because its not about me

Never about me

I'm here for you

Forget about me


I'm a backdrop to your story

A character in the background at best

Don't remember my name

And certainly not my face

Use me, certainly

But try not to abuse me, please?

I'm a supporting character

But I have feelings too.


I try not to show them.

I try to smile everyday.

Nothing inside hurts.

That's right, I'm okay.

Please, how are you?

Happy, fed, in love?

What's your life like?

Because it's not about me.

It never was.


I'm sorry if it seems like I'm complaining.

I'm sorry if I seem so high maintence.

I try to be the backdrop,

I try to be a carpet.

Silent, supportive

I know that's important.

You're not supposed to hear me

Unless you need to of cource

You're supposed to hear me

Unless that's what you need.


Here, come sit down.

Here's a seat and glass.

Tell me, how was today?

How was school, your date, your job?

Doing okay or need a shoulder today?

Doesn't matter, I'm here anyway.


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