Today and Maybe Tomorrow


My shoes had been more familiar to me than my own reflection.

If I didn’t have them on, I’d see my feet, disgusted at the imperfections.


My egg-white ceiling and all of its cracks were a-counted for and traced,

And within them, after hours of stupor, I stored all the troubles I had faced.


I was told over and over that I was not alone, and wondered what that meant,

And wondered why nobody came, even after all the smoke signals I sent,


But after a while I decided that I’d wrap myself in a blanketed cocoon,

And get shipped as high as I could away in hopes of reaching the moon.


I was nearly finished with a most magnificent casket of numbness and glue,

But was rudely shaken, and awakened by a sudden fluoresce light of blue.


Somewhere between green and violet, I gently moved my heavy limbs,

And slowly began to see a blur of colors, of shapes and all kinds of things.


I smiled, then drifted back to immovability to where I dreamed fantastical creatures,

Neon seahorses, glittered roses, pink chiffon Weeping Willow trees and clear leeches,


Spiky jellyfish in purple jello, the taste of cotton candy and cake was nice.

I slept in wonderful magic until realizing I had lost a leaden three years of real life.


I made the difficult decision to come back, leaving all the memories behind,

But when I arrived at my destination, I was greeted with a man most divine. 


He helped me see my dreamy creatures in present reality,

He restored me with love, kindness and vitality.


He took my hand and signaled for me to come fly with him,

And when I told him I couldn’t, he told me that I already had been.


Because I’d no idea where I was or what I was doing, I chose to leave worry for tomorrow. 

For today, I was maybe, only, nothing less than, Apollo. 

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The last two lines were amazing i loved them x3 this whole poem reminds me of how i am since i daydream a lot and enjoy creating whole worlds/species/places in my head. what made you write this poem? always fun to write things like this yes but curious if it was like what i said or if there was more to it then that


Thanks so much! :] I too am a daydreamer. Well, although it is about daydreaming and creating, there is more to the poem too. It is about wanting to escape so badly that you drift from reality, sometimes without cause, until you or someone else pulls you out. For me, I had experienced a very rough time in my life so the poem is also a story I had to tell about me and the fantastical place I had to go to sometimes in order to keep myself together, and how now I finally feel happier and free. It is also about love and how there is always some beauty in a disaster (the silver lining), but also how love can be mysterious and also send you into a magical place. It says look for greatness and magic, no matter what your situation today, tomorrow, and anyday.


I make so many mistakes.

When I think about you.

Everything feels wrong.

Everything feels right.

There is no pain.

There is no emptiness.

If you could see who I was right now,

you would'nt talk to me.

This isn't me but no one will believe me.

Im a product of my enviroment.

You are what makes my heart grow....

when you leave, when your not [here]

i suffocate. I shrivel.

this isn't me. I feel all the lies of miserable people strangling me.

I feel rhe jealousty of the peoples pasts burning my flesh.

the pain, doesn't exist with you around.

but I don't deserve you like this.

I don't belong near you this way.

I can't cry enough to show you how much I hate myself.

then I remember the ways people have hurt me and tried to trick me.

Im trying to be better. I dont want to admit my imperfections.

if there is a god, or whatever...



        when its hard to close my eyes, i think about you.

don't keep me in the dark parts of your mind. don't, NOT


Don't make sense of things that will never make sense.

Don't go.

don't tell me what i want to hear

i'm a loser el,

don't bite your lip, stupid.




im so happy

i woke up today

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