Sun, 01/19/2020 - 17:48 -- ocj2002


Off you go my dears

to fight a war you know nothing of

Fire in your bellies

Youth in your veins

Raising your fists to the opposition

while you are still too young to know what oppositions means

Raising your voices to the laws

but you have no clue the consequences

Raising your spirits to the world 

that you are too new to concern yourself with

A child should not have to fight

For a child does not know how or what to fight for

We are all children forcing ourselves to fight too soon

We will turn our backs upon our brothers and our sisters too soon

and the plague of the grown will cloud us

and while we take arms agaisnt each other we will be chided that we are too young to know, too young to fight

But we aren't too young to feel

feel the fire in our bellies

The youth in our veins 

washed away by the fight that isn't ours


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