Title: BreadcrummingBreadcrumming, drumming, drummingFleeting on


85th Drive
United States
40° 42' 33.7644" N, 73° 48' 36.5184" W

Title: Breadcrumming

Breadcrumming, drumming, drumming

Fleeting on my wings feet running

Its sunny, sunny, sunny

Each morsel, messaged savored

Am I stupid? No your too stunning


Like the caged light bugs favored,

But I’m moth, no danger

But too mysterious I must taste this stranger

And oh how when this darkness grows your vast brightness remains unopposed

However, this cage, holes small, never waiver


I want to fly but my wings prevent me from the bachelor’s rose

So I think as, jealously boils, knot inside lay poised

Tho’ the less you deny me as whole, the less lead, I, to your soul

And the idea of “birdy” bribery within is proposed


To, I, turn from bright, to pale moonlight full

Revealing the eagle atop the yew, full, due to lights do

  Now I no longer stew thinking of you


But scamper, embrace, freedom, heart stole

For natural beauty is everlasting

And eminence, electrical, non-effective is sin… eternally tasting

Don’t waste to taste… a breadcrumb











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