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Sun, 05/04/2014 - 14:54 -- Whoami

I don't lament the things I've done, I lament the things I didn't do when I had the chance.""being upbeat doesn't imply that everything is great. it implies that you've chosen you know where you want to go

On the off chance that individuals offer their assistance or shrewdness as you experience life, acknowledge it thankfully. You can take in much from the individuals who have gone before you. 

Never be apprehensive or reluctant to venture off the acknowledged way and take off in your own particular course, if your heart lets you know that its the right path for you. 
Continuously accept that you will at last succeed at whatever you do, and always remember the quality of industriousness, control, and determination. 
You are intended to be whatever you long for getting to be."
If anyone tells that  dream aren't real them them
 they aren't made of matter of particles Dreams are genuine But they are made of perspectives of pictures of memories,puns,ideas.
Satisfaction is not dictated by what's occurring around you, yet rather what's going on inside you.  Most individuals rely on upon others to increase bliss, yet the reality of the situation is, it generally originates from inside. 
There are things that we would prefer not to happen however need to acknowledge, things we would prefer not to know yet need to learn, and individuals we can't live without yet need to give up. 
When you're up, your companions know who you are.  When you're down, you know who your companions are. 
Being separated from everyone else does not mean you are forlorn, and being friendless does not mean you are distant from everyone else. 
Individuals are more what they stow away than what they demonstrate 
Making one man grin can change the world – possibly not the entire world, however their reality. 
In the event that an individual needs to be a piece of your life, they will endeavor to do so.  Think twice before saving a space in your heart for individuals who don't attempt to sit tight. 
While you're occupied with searching for the ideal individual, you'll most likely miss the defective individual who could fulfill you superb



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