I am timid

A flacid shell of broken catacombs

When the world tries to pull me in I dissapate

I turn to sea form, I refuse to assimilate

For I am so scared that today will be my judgement day

That I will stand before the world, in the spring of May

They will shackle me to the earth, and taint my name


But I am strong

I am learning that maybe that sentence isn't so bad after all

That I have nothing to fear, it is me they have to control

I am learning that I am art

I have rosebushes growing inside my crcaked heart

And no matter what the universe deciphers I will always be I who I was meant to be

Doe eyed girl with dreams like hot air balloons

I shall not fall prey to the vices, they are not my harpoon

I shall dive right in

I will not lose

This poem is about: 
Our world


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