Times Calling With That Gifted Flavor

Raise my hand to the sky

and watch the Earth carry my soul

acros the dancing flowers

that make us all feel whole.


Wind caressing her ebony skin.

Holding hands in a dream

of multiple drawings

of kings and queens

We're smiling.


People talk....

With all that candy in their mouths.

Sweet nothings coming out,

because we are the burning stars in the sky

that have no fear to let them out.


Quotes a million times recited,

I can never be too tired

to listen to the singing voie

of the ONE... that takes us higher.


Dark eyes shine brighter than the light.

See that heart on her chest.

Embraced in warm water,

sleeping in his gentle bed.


We will fiight.

We will run.

But in the oblivon of our beings,

we all sit down and gather together.

We are- as perfect as we ever can be.


Peaceful butterfy spreading her wings;

Friendshps blessed in eternity.

Voices screamed and heard at the top;

I stand here while my soul sings.

HE who brings me into this life;

and lets me be free and forever happy

Love in the meadows that prove to be so heartwarming;

with a pack of wolves right beside me...


I breathe...



the simplest things are uplifting





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