This Time of Year


During this time of year people are happy, and family is near. We often associate it with warmth and love adding the extra piece with the angel above. The tree is high and the gifts are low underneath the tree they're starting to show. Everyone is together, reunited again. The family is content seeing all of their friends. This time of year is more than that. The senses are wild and thoughts are abstract. Consuming the mind with beauty and love, Christmas time is a gift from above. The smell of cocoa and candy cane, the sight of lights and white icy rain. The taste of cookies for Mr. Clause, the touch of little, white, fluffy snowballs. There are twenty-five days of this joyous season. Give presents to all without reason.  The sound of singing is the up right bringing of a wonderful holiday night. Sounds of bells and little prancing feet are just so sweet and sound so right. This holiday is by far the best, I am sure you agree, but let me tell you the rest. Decorations like polar bears, penguins, and trees all around. Representing the outdoors  from the sky to the ground. This beauty is serene and realistic as well. Christmas has more than just its holiday smell. Warm, cozy fires filling the house with heat. Mama's cooking just smells so sweet. Snow on the ground creating a winter wonderland. My family is home together hand in hand. Christmas carols and holiday blues, all apart of this season just bringing the news. Christmas comes once a year, so make it count and enjoy the cheer. This joyous time of year is my favorite because of my family and my placement. I am here on this earth for a reason, enjoying yet another holiday season.


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