Time Teller

Thu, 07/17/2014 - 02:35 -- Min810


Dearest Teller of Time,

Why do I continue to carry you throughout the day?

You do not forget,

You do not forgive--

never pausing for me...constantly impatient.

Why do I keep you alive, providing you with the volts of your life, knowing very well you tell of nothing more than how much is passing me by,

minute by minute,

second by second.

Your burden on me is so heavy that I often rue the day I learned to read the nuaces of your cicular face.

Your physical weight no more than half a pound, but still,


you manage to place the weight of the world on my shoulders; giving me responsibilies of when to be here and when to be there,

and on the days when I arrive later than planned, you keep ticking, telling time,

mocking me with your consistancey.

You always seem to be against me, rushing on the days that I want to treasure. forever.

dragging ever so slowly on those seemingly interminable days that I want to pass the fastest, but society revolves around you,and so I must too, 

but oh how I wish I could sometime,


put you away.

Never again to think what must be done.

Rather to think of the here and now, instead of the when and where.

Time, please let go of me, because without you I would be free

Sincerely Yours,

Chained by Time



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