Time passes

It's strange how time passes. Snapshots of teachers and now-empty classes. Echoes of my past in gray and white, now like doves take flight. The halls of schools and hollow sounds, now within each memory abound. Each day is like yesterday, withstanding time's decay. Empty lockers like yawning maws, yet memories break all time's laws. The doors slam shut for the last time, echoing through my mind like the drop of a dime. I board my school bus one last time, each step slow. An odd pain reverbrates in my soul. I watch my school fade as I face a future newly made. I find it funny how time disappears, but each memeory is still sharp, like mirrors. I watch years go by so fast, with an odd longing to make them last. Now I watch my bus drive away, taking with it each long gone high school day. I turn to walk in my house, and face the unknown future. What it will bring I am not sure. But, there's an open door. I just have to wait and see...Who I will finally be. 


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