Time goes by


P.O. Box 265
United States

At 5,
I was sprinting at their walking pace

wanting every moment to come as fast as it could


At 10,

I was running, new experiences were happening

I had all the time in the world

the need for more new events


And as I looked back, I never walked,

never stopped,

never knew how time made me feel,

never valued how my mother giggle at simple things

or how my siblings were developing by themselves

never thought of how weekends with my grandparents meant so much

when back then, it was just another day

My little head never knew that forever can be taken away from you

Today I stopped for the first time

took a breath

and realized...

to walk with time

instead of run against it

not to waste it

but appreciate it

but mostly to live and love in every moment.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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