Time to Fly

First to fly,  

Do you remember what it feels like to free your mind? 

Have the colors of the world all melted to one? 

Is the sky less blue, bleached by the sun? 


Last to land, 

Do you remember how the clouds felt in your hand? 

Did you slip through the drops when the rain was falling? 

Did you hear the birds singing and crying and calling? 


First in line, 

Is there more you could have done to make up your mind? 

Have the people all become one incessant blur? 

Are you ashamed of the proud winged one you once were? 


Last to stand,  

Break down the doors and they’ll be damned 

For caging one so pure and bright 

Take your wings and make things right 


Time to fly, 

Remember the wind and the blessed sky 

Remember and go back in time to see 

What you wanted to be 

And embrace the light of that star 



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