Time is the Answer

  I sit with eyes and ears waiting for a voice, a voice that speaks just as me. I am a unique individual, I hide my feelings of being unwanted and promote to the public that I care not even a slight of what others think of me. In some ways my comfort with my identity is pure confidence, in others it's like a child in a broken home. It doesn't know where it stands? I dont know where i stand? I want all things gold in this world, but I also want hardship to make me strong in the end. I want to fall in love, but never will I give someonethe oppurtunity to hurt me. I want to be the support for my family and live happliy with them for the rest of my life, but I also want to move to another country and expericence every aspect of the world until I grow old. I want to touch peoples lives with words unspoken, but also want give the best to myself. I want to be selfish in some ways, but also want to give all that i can to people in need. Hiding behind a curtain? I think not. Exploring my oppurtunites, trying to find what is best for me. Meeting and adapting to new people and faces and the way they live their lives, to add more value to mine. Allowing myslef to walk in others shoes to become more greatful for I have. I don't call this a mask or a curtain I call this life. In life you never know who you truly are until you know what you want, and does anyone truly know what they want? Some might these people are lucky, but for people like myself time is only the answer as who I truly am.


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