Time is the continued progress of existence, past, present, and future as a whole

Achieving in an amount of time is goal

But don’t let time control you, time will only help joined with your working hand

Sometimes it’s better to hand it to time than planned

At the end of the day when all is done, you worked so hard to stay fun

But you lay in your bed going over what you did wrong

Know when to keep trying

But know when it’s enough, and let your life be a waiting game

Whatever came, will also come

Sometimes love is not enough, the run can be tough 

Nothing is one-sided

But with time that will pass us

Maybe our timing will become right 

And our mindsets will meet so things will be more light

Or time will show it wasn’t meant to be and I will find my way to a perfect right

You say you love my way with words 

Why couldn’t I find the right words at the time 

But now I write this and words flow beautifully out of this rhyme 

When things are out of your control, remember time is on your side

When things aren’t going how you planned, remember you tried

Don’t forget how you felt that night when you accepted things for how it was and swore you were alright

That’s how you truly feel 

Because now you sit here in the dark swearing everything is a mess and nothing is light

The what if’s and what could have been will consume your mind until you lose your sense of right now

Time doesn’t wait for any of us, notice what leaves and what life allows

Sometimes I feel crazy because I crave a sense of control

I found that sense to only drive away what I had as my goal

I need to work on being more calm and remembering some things are out of my control

You keep holding on in thought of how things use to be 

But for now it’s not like that anymore, you don’t know who you see

Time has hurt but time has also healed

When I have done all I could do

I sit in my room crying for things to be over

But time is all that grew 

Taking my pain with it too


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I really enjoyed this. It was very direct and blunt, with a perspective that everyone can relate to



Thank you so much! I strive to keep it blunt, straight to the point but with using good words! Thank you for taking your time to read my poem :)

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