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What is Time?
Time is something that keeps the world going,
Something that two people may love to share.
Sharing is caring but what if the time you shared,
you really didn't care?

The time i spent with you is so valuable.
Something I could never do is doubt you.
I see you often, but I wonder do you notice me.
Do you see the pain or is this a conspiracy.

Through out the day all I see is time,
ticking,moving, and I'm losing it.
And lately my time hasn't been with you,
so I feel like I've been hit.
Time waits on no one,
But I intend to wait on you,
Because deep down I've found something that I want to stay true to.

With you I feel so much in my heart,
to tell you a story I wouldn't know where to start.
your someone I would want to go to,
the endless moments...
I love spending it with you.


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