Chop of the hands of Time and feed them to crocks.

Smash into pieces, the watches and clocks.

Rip out the innards, the gears and the weights.

Wear all the tick marks wrapped ‘round your waist.


The Sun will wonder when to rise.

And darkness when to fill the skies.

The gossips will never stop to think

The tide won't know just when to sink


Slow down the races as fast as you can.

Speed up the tortoises that crawl over land.

Moments will last for hours and years.

Memories won’t end, and neither will tears.


Time stole my life from my arms

That liar has caused too many harms

Time took my friends and faces made old.

Time counted breathes till our hearts grew cold.


Sing me a song without any beat,

For Time is an angry, murdering, cheat

Dance me a waltz without counting

For Time is  bossy, hateful, and thieving


I killed Time to preserve my sanity

I murdered Time just to satisfy me

Yes,I have committed a crime

Yes, I have destroyed Time.         


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