To the hills, l lifted my eyes in awe for where cometh my help?
As the ticking clock turns days into weeks, weeks into months, and even months into years
My heart flipped and flapped in anxiety for the hope of better days that never come
So I asked every day, till when?

Life's iron hands keep crushing me like the metate.
Till when will this chilly weather keep hunting my feeling?
For I'm a dreamer with unstoppable hope with something to believe
But this world turns me upside down like a swinging ball
So I wait and asked, when?

I ascend to realms above the mundane with words of wisdom
Making emotions flow like a river to places the weaver
Till when will our hearts be toyed with as we come clean
In lieu, I present my till when to the maker.

Time keeps passing by like a running stream,
Life still on its journey and never ending it seems.
But here I am asking myself... "Till when?"
Till When?
Will the truth remain hidden from us forever?

Till when will my endless patience end?
Till When?
My dreams and hopes keep vanishing without a trace.
And the assurance of love, no more in my life a glance.
Will I have to continue duelling in this place?

Even the uncertainty chills me like an arctic wind,
While my heart continues its jovial spin.
Is it too much to ask for one final kind?
I'm completely lost in thoughts,
And confusion and doubt are starting to creep within.

Till When? Till when?
Must I continue to fake the smiles each night,
And put on masks instead of polite fights?
The feeling we share is gradually fading out of sight...
Till when do I need to hold myself so tight?

© Brown Sketchys x Phernnink 🖊️
January 2023


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