'Till Death Do Us Part

Here comes the bride,

All dressed in white.

Walking up the aisle to see her beaming bride.

Her father stands besider her, giving her away.

Her mother in the crowd, looking the other way.


Her mother never had been accepting of her love

She thought that "girls should be with boys"

Like the Father said from up above.

But nothing that her mom could say could change the way she felt.

For when she looked at her darling bride, her heart seemed to melt.


So she said "I do"

And her love did, too. 

They smiled and kissed

Then they were dismissed

By the preacher, wishing them well.


Together they walked arm in arm,

Down the aisle, and they seemed to charm

Everyone who watched them take their first steps as a couple.


But when they burst through the doors

There were dozens and dozens and dozens of scores

Of conservatives who seemed to only yell

And told them to "GO TO HELL".


Through all this you'd suppose

That the couple simply froze.

But they pushed on through

Tripped a time or two

But managed to get the car door closed.


One joked, "Well, what a great start!"

She replied "You still have my heart".

The car drove away

The sign on the back read that day:

"'Till death do us part."


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