Tidal Wave of Fire

She set her heart on fire amidst the embers that were her eternally enflamed soul

Never to be recognized among the crowd of souls that was her internal persona,

For time had dwindled to a disintegrated grain of sand.

She had lost herself among the poison,

Consuming the edges of her body,

Creeping their way into her soul.

There she stood on the edge of a cliff,

Entrusting confidently in her spirit.

She knew she had been dancing with the devil that was consuming her soul,

For she kept dancing to the lullaby that was her demonic thoughts.

When she had made her final turn she soon realized,

Her own soul was seeking to capture her to the bottom of the ocean,

Never to be as joyful as she once was on top of that heavenly cliff.

She fell like the earth had separated its ground from an internal whirlwind

Reaching for the air above her,

She knew she was grasping onto the idea of the impractical reality that was her happiness.

Crashing into the ocean waves of her thoughts,

Drowning towards the bottom of the ocean,

She reached for the density that was her melancholy thoughts,

For she was being weighed down by the cinderblocks of depression.

She was desperately screaming amidst the hurricane of anxiety and depression,

Yet this became a faint idea for anyone to be able to hear her.

Latching onto her like an eternally closed lock was her own daggers of shame,

The key to her heart was lost amidst the whirlwind that consumed her body,

Her soul had been lingering on the surface for her hands,

Her hands to empower her body, reviving her happiness.

The storm was too strong,

The lock had been shut for too long,

The cinder blocks had been shackled for her to be permanently scarred,

The key had been lost in the ocean that was her vanished heart of happiness,

Time had faded from her view.

This eternal storm had swept her soul to be encircled with treaded thoughts,

For this was an inescapable tread which felt like infinity and beyond,

Yet this inexplorable condition lasted for a mere collection of over three hundred treaded days.

Amidst the hurricane of emotional tidal waves,

She had risen to her surface

She had found her soul awaiting her,

She discovered her key,

Unlocking her entrapped soul of joy,

Unlocking the shackles which were the weights of her heavy thoughts,

For she could finally hold the density of thoughts pushing them beneath her.

Rising to the surface,

Taking what was rightfully hers,

Her radiating soul of sunshine,

Overpowering the storm that had now faded into the distance.

She had gracefully prevailed into a radiating beam of light,

A light that was inexistent to her,

Was now found.

For now her battle within her enflamed soul had been extinguished,

And she was now free.

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