Tick, Tock


Tick tock,

The clock strikes one o'clock.

The sky is dark, the stars shine bright,

Everybody, but one, is asleep tonight.

Her fingers brush the painted sheets,

While her eyes absorb the splattered words among the pages.

She was transported into this beautiful world,

The moment she opened and read the first word.

Faries and dragons,

Monsters and beasts.

Princes and princesses,

Kings and Queens.

Battles and romance,

Heartbreak and death.

Laughter and tears.

Undeniably real in this moment,

Yet fiction in the next.

Tick tock,

The clock strikes five o'clock.

The sky is beginning to light, the stars have completed their jobs for the night,

Everybody, but one, is awake for the day.

Finally asleep, she's transported again,

Back into that magical land of the book she just read.

Resting on the desk,

The book waits eagerly for the girl's return,

So it too, can go back to that world.


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