Throw Her a Bone

Mon, 09/02/2013 - 20:17 -- Shonna


             Throw Her a Bone   I'll take two bags of her bones , please .Thread them through my hair .Braid them up in ribbons , please .A skeletal affair . I'd like to have her spine , ma'am .Yes , I know it's broke .I'll glue it back together , ma'am ,Or tie it up in rope .  I'll buy up all her ribs , hmmUse them as my knives .I hear they are expensive , hmmThe cost of many lives . I'll purchase half a collarbone , yesSpear it thoroughly in half.Whole , it is too fragile , yesTo never bear a laugh.  I've not much need for thigh gaps ,mmIt seems they have no use .She wasted thirty years ,mmTo find it was a ruse . I need corroded stomachs, ohEffects of fingers burned.I'll paint on them with oils ,ohTo glimpse what she had earned . She must have had a nightmare ,And found herself awake .Reality is quite demonic ,When ones sanity is at stake . To think she harbored fantasies ,Of eternal diet pills ,Yet end up in my market ,A bag of bones and ills .  


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