Through The Eyes Of A Warrior


You never know what’s up ahead.

You never know who will end up dead.

It’s an everyday fight

Just praying to God, you’ll find the light.

This is the story of a man, a soldier,

Told, through the eyes of a warrior.


When you wake up in the morning,

You’ll see unexpected things without warning.

But you stand your ground,

Yeah you won’t back down,

Because you’re fighting for your country, and all who inhabit it,

Cause through the eyes of a warrior, they’re just newborn Old world rabbits.

Born naked and helpless.

Without a care in the world, these critters could make one breathless.


You’re there, day after day,

Year after year,

It’s like a never ending cycle of nights,

It’s like all we ever do is fight fight fight,

But we stand tall and brave.

Holding back the urge to give the enemy a finger wave.

Because we know who we’re fighting for.

And through the eyes of a warrior,

The reason we stand our ground,

Is for those who rest under a burial mound.

We fight for the United States of America, the home of the brave.

And that sir, is why we never misbehave.


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