Through the Eyes

I see the world

Through lenses sprinkled with hazelnut and almond 

that magnify the beings that surround me. 


Sometimes, my mind gets too scrambled:

Too caught up in crying children and chopped-down trees,

The death and the poverty and the politics that pollute the pristine Earth we live on.

I cannot filter these thoughts, or push them away. 

I can only write down my observations, and hope it takes the pain away.


I want to be the white Langston Hughes,

conveying the sorrow others face through sonnets and soliloquies. 

I want them to glean the sun-kissed oak trees and shinning, snow-covered mountaintops

That I see in my imagination every day.


I want to write, and entertain, and emote my life.

Through poetry, and prose, and verse.

I want others to understand how I see the world -

And how I want the world to be seen. 

This poem is about: 
My community


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