Through Another's Eye


The early morning dew, glistening on the autumn leaves.

Attempting to nurture the most precious things in life.

The crisp breeze followed by the dancing of the lifeless leaves.

Time seems endless.


I am the predator on the hunt.

I soar up high far above the treetops that I fly by.

My red ribbon's of silk blanket me now, brighter than in the shadows.

I seek my prey from far above; as I find a branch to sit and watch.


In a tree, I sit up high; perched upon a branch, way up in the sky.

Hidden by nature's shield.

Hoping to remain unseen by any creature that may pass by.

My red beak is sleek and slender -- easy for catching a small critter.


From this view, I see nature at play.

It appears to be quite a peaceful morning.

Wait, what is that noise?

It's a rustle in the leaves,

a critter stirring beneath?


Instinctively, I swoop down from my perch.

To see what lurks . . .

A grasshopper I find, it makes a quick snack as I fly back into the blue skies.


I am but a song bird that sings.

I am bird of the Hoosiers.

A delightful and pleasant sight in Mother Nature.

My mate I seek is brown in color, nearly the same as I.

I am a red Cardinal that forages and flies, in the early morning and at twilight.


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