Threes a Crowd

Are you listening?

Of course you're not

Because you're on the phone talking  to her


You think I don't see 

You looking at me 

When her back is turned?


I gave you a chance 

To prove to me

Be the person I hoped you were 

But you can't 

Because of her


Do you think it's fair to love her aloud and me in your mind

Because people don't respect a love of that kind

When your loving her but thinking of me

Wow you really are a creep

Because, dear sir, love don't come that cheap

Unless you're dating a hooker...

Which I guess you are


And I still fight to break through

All my battle scars

But hey guess what? 

What she thinks isn't true

Just because she loves you 

Doesn't mean you love her too

Because you really love me 


But honey guess what? 

Love's not built for three. 

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