Three Questions

What am I?

Who am I?

Why am I here?


Questions such as these

Haunt us


They lurk in the back of our minds

Just to taunt us


But they do bring our lives

Into perspective



What am I?

I am human

As human as anyone can be.

I make choices

Sometimes mistakes

But we all misstep


And fall.

We are only human.

Humans are animals,

But when we 


And fall

We pick ourselves up

And try again.

I've made mistakes

I've doubted myself

I've hated myself

I've tortured myself.

But I've also made good choices

Choices that made me happy

That helped me move forward

Not linger behind

With all of those questions

In the back of my mind. 

And with this I say I am proud to be human.


Who am I?

I don't know.

I know that this

Is a question that loves

To create doubt.

We thrive on identity

To establish differences

And uniqueness.

We have names. 

We have numbers that define our


Social status


Role in society

Likes, Views, and Followers on Social Media.

While our genetic code

Sets a baseline for everyone

Our minds are wired differently

From experiences

Such as learning to walk and talk

Reaching for the cookie jar

Making the first drawing

Going to the first day of school

Experiencing death,

And relationships

With family

With friends

With colleagues

With strangers.

No two people have 

The same



This makes every single person unique.

So who am I?

I am a maturing young woman

Only starting to make

My first steps into the world

Even though I was born

Years ago. 

I am a maturing student

Soaking in the knowledge

Like a sponge.

But I am also a young maturing adult

Who is still losing themselves

Searching for a plank to stand on

In the large of ocean of dreams, 

Who is struggling to express their true self

In front of those closest to them,

Who is fighting the demons 

Day and night

In the back of their mind

And still putting a smile on their face

And walk as if there is no burden of world

Resting on their shoulders.

That's who I am.


Why am I here?

This is perhaps

The most impossible question

Of them all. 

We scale steepest mountain sides

Aim for the farthest stars

Reach for the highest rung.

But where does this lead us?

A life full of purpose



Many believe in religion or science or something else

To lessen the enormous burden of this question.

Sometimes we say 

We are here to help those in need

To make the world a better place

To make world peace seem like a possibility.

But why are we really here?

Is there truly something

Greater than all of us?


or Destiny?

No one really knows.

That's why this question

Is the most terrifying of them all.

But we should never choose to ignore it.

We should accept the question

As an unanswerable one.



This poem cannot end

On such a note. 

Maybe instead of "Why am I here?"

Maybe I shall ask, "Why am I here today?"

I am here today


Writing, studying and running

To inspire at least one person

To also feel


And strive to become

A little bit more than they are now.

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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