three is not the magic number to make the wildcard

three does not represent the magic number to win

a division of any sport

three is the number of lives i lost

through the horrific tragedies of violence

that continues to spread

like the latest flu influenza

except it's not about catching a cold 

or sickness

it's about how not to catch 

a bullet

to one's heart or head

that evaporates one's soul


i lost one life

through murder of a family member

killed his significant other


i lost another life

through robbery

where he didn't want to rob an old man

for his rolex

he said no; he caught two in his head


i lost one more life

he was at the wrong place

at the wrong time

through a drive by

last time i saw an actual drive by

was watching menace to society


the society we live 

where we are suppose to be free from slavery

and yet, we still live like it's still slavery

except we don't have slavemasters now

our killers are younger than thirteen


i lost three important 

people in my life

yet, someone is kill everyday

way before their time


whatever happen to increase the peace

whatever happen to power to the people

whatever happen to squashing beef


i tell you what happen

only thing increasing is guns that falls

into the hands of irresponsible hands

only power someone has is bragging about how many lives he took

only beef that's squash now is mashed potatoes with salami


three is how many people i lost

if feels like more than that 

every time, i hear about innocent victims

die and people celebrating it

like winning back to back championships like miami did


if we don't put an end to senseless violence

we will shatter more records so profound

that the guiness books won't have room to record

all the killings that occur say in one year





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This was amazing!

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