Thoughts on the Human Condition

Fri, 12/13/2013 - 03:54 -- bpine


An unanswered question

Haunts us for generations

But no one knows why


We start to question

But find no precise answer

If we think too long


Hoped for its' exit

Growing up I realized

Adults aren't spared either


The meaning of life

Seems farther away than Mars

Becaue no one knows


We want a purpose

But few decide for themselves

Aimlessly live on


But in truth, we know

The meaning of life

Is self-appointed


We choose our own fate

We give meaning to our lives

We question ourselves


To love profusely

To help, apart from ourselves

To hope and to dream


To fight for our values

And try to do the right thing

To live humanely


But it can be more

Purpose can be limitless

So long as we are




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